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Running Your Progesterone Testing is So Easy!

Mini Vidas & The NEW Quick Scan 1000 - single test Cartridge based system - or the Immulite 1000 & 1 Plus!

Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

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Introducing the NEW Quick Scan 1000 Cartridge Based Analyzer!

 Super Affordable Price! Low CP Test!

Limited Time offer! With Every Purchase Of The NEW QUICK SCAN 1000 we will send You Everything You Will Need To Start Testing! INCLUDING 20 FREE Tests of your Choice! Get YOUR Quick Scan 1000 NOW With A FREE Start Up Kit Worth $1,000! Limited Time Offer.

The NEW Quick Scan 1000 has been tested against the Mini Vidas and the Immulite 1000! The Quick Scan testing we did here at MRDS facilities showed great precision and accuracy! The testing data from The Quick Scan 1000 in house testing showed that the Quick Scan 1000 results where a good match with the Mini VIdas! QC  data very good!

Mini Vidas Blue Progesterone Testing Made Easy and Fast!

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Small and Easy to use!

The Mini Vidas is compact and easy to use. Its small size makes it a great fit for your Home or Office counter! 

Mini Vidas Blue Progesterone Testing! Easy to use Single Test Cartridge Testing!

Single Test Cartridge

The Mini Vidas can run up to 12 tests at a time. Every thing you need is in the cartridge! One Cartridge one Test!

Mini Vidas Blue Progesterone Testing! Easy to use Single Test Cartridge Testing!

Everything you need!

Each test has its own sample tip and Reagent Cartridge! No reagents to add! Clinically accurate Progesterone testing results in 45 Min.

Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

Quick Scan 1000! Low Costs! 

Great Affordable Pricing!

The New Quick Scan 1000 comes with our 1 Year Replacement Warranty! Low volume testers will love it! Easy to use! Trusted results in 15 minutes!

Immulite 1 Plus is the Most Cost Effective and the Standard for Vet lab Testing!

Immulite 1 Plus

Higher Test Volumes!

If you are a Vet lab or a Dog Breeder that is running tests for other Breeders (Great way to make Money) and have at least 100 tests per month the Immulite is a great choice! 

immulite 1000 is the Latest Model and the Standard for Vet lab Testing

Immulite 1000

Lower Cost Per Test!

The Immulite 1000 and the 1 Plus are a great clinical system for those that run 100 test per month or more. The Cost per test is lower while you can batch up to 80 tests at a time!

Canine Progesterone Testing  Income

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