Mini Vidas gray repair

CASH NOW for your Siemens Immulite 1000 or Immulite 1! 
We will pay CASH for your "as is" Immulite 1000 or Immulite 1! 
Call 844-673-7378 and profit now! 

From YOUR Friends at​ MR Diagnostic Services - ​Sell your Immulite 1000 now for CASH!

Up grading your equipment and needing to sell your present systems? We have you covered! We will purchase your Immulite 1000 "AS IS" for Cash!

The process is so simple! A short phone call to 844-673-7378 will get you Cash for your system. We send shippers in to pack and ship! So Easy and Fast!

Repair Services for your Immulite 1000 is also available! call 844-673-7378

"We are here to help YOU Save Hundreds, if not Thousands of Dollars per year on your Canine Progesterone Testing needs!"

Dustin Decker Owner!

" We have over 37 years of experience serving our Customers at every level. Service is #1 with us! We have services thousands of clinical and vetranary analyzers! You can no longer get your Mini Vidas Gray repaired by the manufactuer! We have your back! We have been selling and servicing Mini VIdas Grays and Blues for years now. Let us help you get back to testing without have to spend thousands on a upgraded system! 

Service on the Mini Vidas

Mini Vidas

Need Service Repairs? Call us at 844-673-7378. We also will buy your Mini Vidas in "AS IS" condition for Cash!

MRDS Crew is here to Serve!

MRDS Ready to Serve! 

We have been in the Vet and Medical lab testing business since 1980! We run and service all our systems here!

We are a Service Company!

Customer Service #1

MRDS is primarily a service company. We are manufacturer trained on the equipment we run so you get results!

We are here to Serve YOU!

MRDS Ready to Serve! 

We have multiple systems available to insure you get your results the next morning! No one else can say that!

NEED a Quick Test? See The Mini Vidas Blue In Action! Cartraige based system that lets you run 1 to 12 tests at a time!
Easy trades up to a Mini Vidas Blue!
if you would rather trade up then repair your Mini Vidas Gray!
We also will Purchase your Mini Vidas Blue in AS IS condition for Cash!
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