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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a $4,000 P4 analyzer and a clinical level Mini Vidas or Immulite Canine Progesterone Testing Machine? The P4 is considered a monitor while the Mini Vidas, and Immulite products are clinical level analyzers. Clinical level analyzers are used in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, veterinarian labs, industry, and many other placements all over the world. Lets look at the differences between a monitoring device and a clinical level system that is certified to provide testing results on hundreds of tests for humans as well has animals. We also have same day shipping on the Mini Vidas Progesterone Test Kits 60 ct!

The Two Types of Instrumentation are very different indeed! Lets see how.

The Mini Vidas and the Immulite 1000 are both Clinical level instruments. This means they are made to provide the very best results that you can depend on. These analyzers are designed to provide human results so every aspect of the process from design to reporting results in a Hospital lab, are over seen by the FDA. These systems must meet very strict requirements and testing. Also the test kits that go along with the instruments are also over seen by the FDA. Since the Mini Vidas, Immulite 1000, Immululite 1 Plus, Immulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI are all designed for Human testing you are insured accurate and precise results that can be proven through the Quality Control Process. You can be sure that you are getting the same high level results as a large trauma hospital or your local Doctors office. Your Dogs and you desire to know that when you run a test the results will be accurate, and that accuracy can be proven using Quality Control Materials. Accuracy is what allows you to schedule your Canine Reproduction activity's with confidence!

Conclusion and continuing helps.

In conclusion we would highly suggest that you consider instrumentation that is more then just a monitor. We get many calls from customers that have used the P4 and the Choma units and are looking for more dependable results.  In our next post we will be talking about some of the reasons why the  Mini VidasImmulite 1000, Immululite 1 PlusImmulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI can and will save you money and lots of time due to the fact the results can be trusted and traceable! See you all then!

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" I have been in the Clinical Medical Service Business since 1980. I have installed, serviced, and trained in thousands of unique situations with a dozen different manufacturer's diagnostic instrumentation. With that experience I can tell you  there is no substitute for a proven, high quality instrument that will preform to the highest clinical standards for decades." 

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Canine Blood Sample Drawing
More how to videos on how to draw and spin your sample coming soon!

Drawing your own blood sample is fairly easy once you have done it a time or two. Here we are sharing a very technical video on several ways to draw your blood sample. In our next few blog post we will add additional videos that may be easier for some to understand. We thought that using this technician level video would be a good place to start since it give you ALL the information you would need. Come back often for more important information on how to draw your sample, spin it down and run it in the Mini VidasImmulite 1000, Immululite 1 PlusImmulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI

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" We have a Mini Vidas system that will allow you to do your own in-house testing with the same clinical level results as your Vet Lab! Most people get a super return on investment with their own in-house testing! When you think of all the time you spend getting your tests to the lab and the high prices you are paying its easy to understand what a great investment your own Mini  Vidas system really can be! Its easy and we offer simple financing too.

Joe Decker CEO

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