Professional Mini Vidas Repair Services!

So the Manufacturer no longer will service your Mini Vidas Gray Analyzer? Well good news we have you covered! Just call us at 844-673-7378 for all the details!

Would you like to keep your mini vidas gray running?

MR Diagnostic Services can provide you with professional Services or trade up!

MRDS has over 38 years of hands on medical equipment service, installations, training customers, refurbishing, and so much more for our customers all over the US! We make it simple for you to get your Mini Vidas back providing you with results you can trust. We offer onsite service or depot repair options that will provide you with professional services while you keep your costs down! Keep generating profits! Give us a call today at 844-673-7378.

We also offer trade ups to the mini blue or the immulite 1000! call 844-673-7378

The Mini Vidas and the Immulite 1000 are both Clinical level instruments. This means they are made to provide the very best results that you can depend on. These analyzers are designed to provide human results so every aspect of the process from design to reporting results in a Hospital lab, are over seen by the FDA. These systems must meet very strict requirements and testing. Also the test kits that go along with the instruments are also over seen by the FDA. Since the Mini Vidas, Immulite 1000, Immululite 1 Plus, Immulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI are all designed for Human testing you are insured accurate and precise results that can be proven through the Quality Control Process. You can be sure that you are getting the same high level results as a large trauma hospital or your local Doctors office. Your Dogs and you desire to know that when you run a test the results will be accurate, and that accuracy can be proven using Quality Control Materials. Accuracy is what allows you to schedule your Canine Reproduction activity's with confidence!

Up grade to a Mini blue or Immulite 1000 is so easy!

We will give you a fair trade in on your Mini Vidas Gray if you would like to upgrade to the Mini Vidas blue or the immulite 1000. MRDS is primarily a service company. What does that mean to you? It means that we support every product we sell or service. Most of the used equipment companies out there are sales companies they don't provide services to their customers. We do it all for YOU! give us a call and find out how we can help 844-673-7378


How much can you Save? Take a moment to fill out our short form below and we'll get you great savings!

Take a moment to fill our our short form below. Once we get your information we will analyze your needs and find the best option for you to save money and time on your Canine Progesterone Testing! We offer instrument sales for in-house testing at your site along with remote testing of your samples at our professional laboratory. Both options will save you big on your time and a great deal of money! Once we have your information ready we will give you a phone call and explain both options and which option best fits your needs. Either way we will save you time and money! We look forward to custom fitting a program for you that will maximize your valuable time and save you money!

Think on this!

" I have been in the Clinical Medical Service Business since 1980. I have installed, serviced, and trained in thousands of unique situations with a dozen different manufacturer's diagnostic instrumentation. With that experience I can tell you  there is no substitute for a proven, high quality instrument that will preform to the highest clinical standards for decades."   This is a great reason to keep your Mini Gray working for you!

Joe Decker CEO

MR Diagnostic Services

It's Scary how much a Progesterone test Costs!

Are you paying too much for your Canine Progesterone Testing? Many of the Folks that call us are paying well over $100 per Test.  We can Help with Professional Clinical Level Canine Progesterone Testing with Great Savings for YOU! We have two options for you to choose from! To find out how much you can SAVE and which Saving options is best for YOU,  just take a moment and get YOUR FREE Progesterone Testing Cost Evaluation. We can show you exactly how much you can SAVE in Time and Money! 

Canine Blood Sample Drawing
More how to videos on how to draw and spin your sample coming soon!

Drawing your own blood sample is fairly easy once you have done it a time or two. Here we are sharing a very technical video on several ways to draw your blood sample. In our next few blog post we will add additional videos that may be easier for some to understand. We thought that using this technician level video would be a good place to start since it give you ALL the information you would need. Come back often for more important information on how to draw your sample, spin it down and run it in the Mini VidasImmulite 1000, Immululite 1 PlusImmulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI

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