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What is the difference between a Canine Progesterone Monitor and a Clinical level Canine Progesterone Analyzer?

Simple! Just How Dependable Your Results will be!

Clinical Level Precision and Accuracy.

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Quick Scan 1000 analyzer and a clinical level Mini Vidas or Immulite Canine Progesterone Testing Machine? The the Quick Scan is considered a more manual low volume analyzer, while the Mini Vidas, and Immulite products are clinical level analyzers. Clinical level analyzers are used in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, veterinarian labs, industry, and many other placements all over the world. Lets look at the differences between a low volume device and a clinical level system that is certified to provide testing results on hundreds of tests for humans as well has animals.

The Two Types of Instrumentation are designed for different needs! Lets see how.

The Mini Vidas and the Immulite 1000 are both Clinical level instruments. This means they are made to provide the very best results that you can depend on. These analyzers are designed to provide human results so every aspect of the process from design to reporting results in a Hospital lab, are over seen by the FDA. These systems must meet very strict requirements and testing. Also the test kits that go along with the instruments are also over seen by the FDA. Since the Mini Vidas, Immulite 1000, Immululite 1 Plus, Immulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI are all designed for Human testing you are insured accurate and precise results that can be proven through the Quality Control Process. You can be sure that you are getting the same high level results as a large trauma hospital or your local Doctors office. Your Dogs and you desire to know that when you run a test the results will be accurate, and that accuracy can be proven using Quality Control Materials. Accuracy is what allows you to schedule your Canine Reproduction activity's with confidence!

With Two Types of Instrumentation available which is best for me? Lets find your fit.

Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

The Mini Vidas and the Immulite 1000 are both Clinical level instruments! These instruments would be the Gold Standard for your progesterone and other Canine testing! When would I consider the Quick Scan 1000 instead of the Mini Vidas or the Immulite? Many of our customers run a fairly high volume of tests per month, including testing for other breeders or vets. The higher the volume the better a Mini Vidas or an Immulite would fit your needs. However a fair percentage of the dog breeders we talk to have a low volume of testing per month. These customers fit well with the Quick Scan 1000 since the purchase price is about 1/3 less then the Mini Vidas,  the cost per test is excellent, and the results work very nicely in tracking your Canine progesterone progress so as to breed or inseminate at the correct time.  Before MR Diagnostic Services added the Quick Scan 1000 to its list of the analyzers we sell we took the Quick Scan thru weeks of testing with canine samples, quality control precision and accuracy testing, and just plain old reliability of the system testing! The Quick Scan 1000 passed with flying colors. With these results we were very excited to offer The Quick Scan 1000 to any customer that may have a smaller volume and budget. The Quick Scan 1000 is a great choice and to back up our claims we offer you a 1 year replacement warranty! You will love the Quick Scan and the pricing!

Conclusion and continuing helps.

We know that the internet is flooded with so called Canine Progesterone Testing Machines. In Fact we get many calls from customers that have purchased the P4 and the Choma units and are looking for more dependable results and for better support.  Many of these systems offered on the internet are  very unreliable (our customer comments). Whats worse is how very hard it is to get any help if they need to order tests or if they just have a question or a problem! With all this input from our customers over the years MR Diagnostic Services decided to find a Reliable test analyzer for our lower volume customers, a system that we would feel good about selling. We have spent well over a year looking for a system that meets our reliability standards. We are happy to say that we have found it with The Quick Scan 1000! The bigger part of the system you purchase is in fact the service and sales support you get after you invent! MR Diagnostic Services is a Service Company so we never just SELL you a box! With us you are inventing in a total service package from the start. We offer you a toll free technical support and sales hot line (844-673-7378) so that you always have help with questions and ordering new test kits! In conclusion we would suggest that if you need clinical level testing the Mini VidasImmulite 1000, Immululite 1 PlusImmulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI are the way to go. If you need great reliable progesterone testing at a lower investment cost then we believe you can not go wrong with The Quick Scan 1000. Either way you decide MR Diagnostic Services is right there with YOU every step of the way! High test volume, Low test volume and everything in between! Thank you for your valuable time!

Think on this!

" I have been in the Clinical Medical Service Business since 1980. I have installed, serviced, and trained in thousands of unique situations with a dozen different manufacturer's diagnostic instrumentation. With that experience I can tell you  there is no substitute for a proven, high quality instrument that will preform to the highest clinical standards for decades." 

Joe Decker CEO

MR Diagnostic Services

MR Diagnostic Services has been recognized by DOTmed and their thousands of Sales and Service customers as one of the best suppliers of service and sales! We work hard to Achieve the very best customer service available anywhere! It is our goal!

It's Scary how much a Progesterone test Costs!

Are you paying too much for your Canine Progesterone Testing? Many of the Folks that call us are paying well over $100 per Test.  We can Help with Professional Clinical Level Canine Progesterone Testing with Great Savings for YOU! We have two options for you to choose from! To find out how much you can SAVE and which Saving ‚Äčoptions is best for YOU,  just take a moment and get YOUR FREE Progesterone Testing Cost Evaluation. We can show you exactly how much you can SAVE in Time and Money!

Canine Blood Sample Drawing
More how to videos on how to draw and spin your sample coming soon!

Drawing your own blood sample is fairly easy once you have done it a time or two. Here we are sharing a very technical video on several ways to draw your blood sample. In our next few blog post we will add additional videos that may be easier for some to understand. We thought that using this technician level video would be a good place to start since it give you ALL the information you would need. Come back often for more important information on how to draw your sample, spin it down and run it in the Mini VidasImmulite 1000, Immululite 1 PlusImmulite 2000 and the Immulite 2000 XPI


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